Friday, March 4, 2011

Blogger Styling Challenge

Among my many hobbies is making mood boards and collages (may have noticed from some of my earlier posts). Even when I was a little girl I was always that child who cut up their Mother's magazines and got paste all over the place. So when I was given the opportunity to participate in this years Two Point Oh LA Spring Trend Fashion Show Competition (check out last year competition), I went straight to my polyvore account to put together some inspiration. My partner store, Yali offers an array of men and womens urban wear, which I think will offer some fun styling. Since this is a competition I can't reveal my master plan just yet;)...but if you want to stay updated on the latest deeds please make sure to follow me on Twitter tomorrow
1-5 (Pacific Time) and don't forget to VOTE!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blogger Lover 101: How to become a Blogger with Benefits

(From left to right: Two Point LA founder Kelsi Smith, Preface PR Lindsey Larson, Kristen Steinhilber Calavas, and Beauty Publicist Jamie Stone)

So one of the benefits of being a LA based blogger is that I have the honor of
being part of a wonderful blogger organization called, Two Point Oh LA. Through this organization members get exclusive invites to various events and educational panels. This past weekend I attended the PR Panel at the CMC. Panelist Lindsey Larson, Kristen Steinhilber Calavas, and Jamie Stone took the time to give us bloggers some much needed insider info on how to get better feedback when contacting prospective brands representatives.

Be Clear- Make sure your email is concise and straight to the point. Let them know what brands you have on board and make sure these brands share a similar target market.

Beware of generic (aka...boring) emails
- Although professionalism is vital, make sure to keep your pitch letter as genuine and personal as possible. Include why you want that specific brand and share what you know about the company/brand.

Schedule a Face to Face
- A tip that I found surprising is that Publicist actually are open to those who extend a quick coffee meeting before sending the email.

Know your dates- Although publicist are flattered by your interest in their brands, it is important that you take the fashion calendar under consideration. Don't expect to get a response from a busy PR agency in the middle of Fashion Week.

Follow Up
- A quick follow up a few days later never hurts. In most cases it actually will get you noticed over several of emails in their inbox.


Friday, January 14, 2011


The Golden Globes may be this Sunday, but the kick off parties have already begun. Earlier this week, T magazine hosted their own Pre-Golden Globe shindig at West Hollywood eatery, Gardens of Taxco. This eclectic group of actresses, musicians, and fashion members, also showed their unique sense of style. As much as I love to cover the NY and European party scene, it was pretty nice to hear Alexa Chung was enjoying my city.
Can't wait to see Sunday's red carpet...

Alexa Chung and Tennessee Thomas

Rashida Jones

Amber Heard

LA's own...Lisa Love

Lily Collins
(photo/article credits:



Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Want More...

Want more LaFila???

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Welcome to the "Front Row"....Emmanuel Alt

(photo credits: stylefest)

When I first heard that Carine Roitfeld was stepping down as French Vogue Editor and Chief I was immediately shocked and skeptical to see who would even attempt to fill her shoes. Then after a short Holiday break Tweets sent from all of the fashionable parts of "Twitterspace" announced that Emmanuel Alt will be Roitfeld's replacement. Though many of us were not surprised, aside from a few street style sightings we were kinda left wondering who this lucky lady really is...So after a tad bit of digging I continued to still not find much needed information... until I came upon StyleCaster.

The Dish:
- Alt first joined the French Vogue team in 2000
- She is best known for her edgy chic style both on and off set
- In the 90s, Alt worked with Roitfeld at French women's mag, 20Ans
- She has been known to draw her styling inspiration from the film "Saturday Night Fever"
- She's a huge MJ fan and is even responsible for styling him in Balmain, for what would have been his last tour

Styled by Alt...


Thursday, January 6, 2011

True Blood


First, I was seeing double...and now i'm seeing triple. The new V magazine issue is out and younger Olsen twin sis, Elizabeth Olsen, looks gorgeous. What do you think?

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